12 Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Handbag Brands You'll Love to Carry Around in 2021


image from  ABLE

image from ABLE

In need of a new handbag? We’ve compiled a list of our favorite sustainable & ethical handbag brands for you to shop through. There are totes, crossbodies, wallets, evening purses and basically anything you need in a bag, but the more sustainable & eco-friendly option. You can find vegan leathers made from plants (rather than all virgin plastic materials), veggie-tanned leather (instead of chemically-dyed) and natural materials (like wool & straw). There is most definitely an eco-friendly bag for everyone here!

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Abby Alley

Categories | Backpacks, Belt Bags, Bucket Bags, Clutches, Crossbody Bags, Totes, Doctor Bags

Price | $195-425

Materials | Veggie-Tanned Leather

Abby Alley partners in East Africa because they value their craftsmanship, and commitment to ethical practices. They also make a lasting high quality product.

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Categories | Totes, Backpacks, Crossbody Bags, Crossbody Totes, Shoulder Bags, Clutches, Wallets

Price | $24-268

Materials | Veggie-Tanned Leather

ABLE was one of the 1st fashion brands to publish their lowest wages as part of the Lowest Wage Challenge. The leather used in their bags is vegetable-tanned and everything is handcrafted by artisans.



Categories | Totes, Wallets, Backpacks

Price | $58-325

Materials | Apple Leather, Mango Leather, Cactus Leather

They use waste from mangos and apples, and sustainably-harvested cacti leaves to create a line of handbags that you would never know weren’t actual leather. What a great way to avoid waste!

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AWL Snap

Categories | Wallets, Clutches, Bags, Totes

Price | $48-315

Materials | Leather

A Richmond, VA based brand, AWL Snap sources their leathers from the most respected & renowned tanneries in the world such as Horween and Wickett & Craig, which are both in the US! These factories follow ethical practices, & work to keep their environmental impact low.


Central Grazing Co.

Categories | Shoulder Bag

Price | $599

Materials | Veggie-Tanned Leather

This farm is surrounded by land with depleted soils. They are working on restoring its health through holistic management of their flocks. With their livestock byproduct, they have created a line of handbags through a closed-loop fiber production process.


Hope Made

Categories | Wayuu Bags, Mochila Bags, Straw Bags

Price | $60-328

Materials | Arrow Cane, Fique, Wool, Cumare, Hoja Blanca

Founded on the principles of sustainability and fair work, HOPE Made wants to help preserve original craft, and support artisans & indigenous communities. Many of the designs tell a story of their heritage.


Jenn Lee

Categories | Totes, Backpacks, Bucket Bags, Crossbody Bags

Price | $85-295

Materials | Leather, Organic Ata Grass, Organic Canvas, Coconut, Batik, Palm Leaf

These are such sweet bags!! Everything is made in collaboration with a community of artisans in East Bali called Tenganan using techniques that have been passed down through generations.


MZ Fair Trade

Categories | Clutches, Totes, Shoulder Bags, Crossbody Bags, Messenger Bags, Fringe Bags, Backpacks, Laptop Sleeves, Yoga Bags

Price | $34-164

Materials | Leather, Wool

MZ is bringing the beautiful artistry of the designers and artisans in Oaxaca, Mexico to our closets. Their designs are stunning!

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Categories | Clutches, Crossbody Bags, Totes, Backpacks, Wallets

Price | $38-225

Materials | Veggie-Tanned Leather, Vegan Waterproof Nylons

A certified B Corp, Nisolo ensures that everyone involved in their supply chain is paid a fair wage, and you can find out more about their specific factories (which they own & operate) right on their website.



Categories | Clutches, Crossbody Bags, Totes, Bucket Bags, Saddle Bags

Price | $95-275

Materials | Recycled Plastic Bottles

Can you believe their bags are made from recycled water bottles with 3D knit technology?! I own one of their totes – and a few pairs of their shoes – , and the material is very sturdy and strong. You can even clean them in your washing machine.


Soli & Sun

Categories | Clutches, Cross Body Bags

Price | $128-235

Materials | T’nalak fabric, Rattan, Wood, Brass, Pinatex, Jute

They use an indigenous fabric called T’nalak, which is made by the T’boli people of lake Sebu, Mindanao, and Inabel on large antique wooden looms via a process called ‘Abel’. This tradition has been passed down generation after generation.


The Tote Project

Categories | Tote Bags, Pouches

Price | $20-30

Materials | Organic Cotton

The Tote Project donates 10% of gross profits to Two Wings to support survivors of human trafficking in the US. Plus, they partner with factories who support women survivors. Every tote is handmade by Oasis Bags in a sustainable factory in India from fair-trade certified cotton.


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