Launch of SDSN Europe

Following the announcement in December 2020 on the occasion of the
release of the 2020 Europe Sustainable Development Report,
SDSN has launched SDSN Europe to mobilize and coordinate the knowledge and science across SDSN
networks in support of a sustainable and resilient European Recovery.

In addition to the European Green Deal, which had already put the EU
in a strong leadership position on sustainable development, the EU has recently
approved the Recovery and Resilience Fund. Together, these initiatives create a
window of opportunity to push forward the implementation of the SDGs and the
achievement of carbon neutrality by 2050.

In order to take advantage of these EU
initiatives and enhance SDSN’s contribution to the work on sustainable
development across the continent, SDSN has invited three leaders from the
region to help coordinate SDSN’s work in Europe. Adolf Kloke-Lesch (SDSN
Germany), Angelo Riccaboni (SDSN Mediterranean) and Phoebe Koundouri (SDSN
Greece) have graciously accepted to play this coordination role as European
SDSN Chairs. Under their leadership, SDSN Europe will act as a coordination instrument for our networks and members to
catalyze actions on issues related to European policy. The group will help streamline our research and policy advice efforts
and will facilitate our dialogue with the EU institutions.

 With ten national and regional networks of universities and knowledge
institutions in the EU, and over 360 member organizations across the entire
continent, SDSN is ideally placed to provide evidence-based policy development
in Europe. Building on SDSN’s work on the Six
, ESDR, Business of Food
and FABLE, SDSN Europe
will place emphasis on the European Green Deal, national Recovery and
Resilience Plans of the Member States, Sustainable Food Systems, as well as
other thematic areas that will be co-designed with the European Networks.

 SDSN Europe’s leadership
and secretariat will be constituted from our existing networks, working
collaboratively and in close coordination with the SDSN Paris office.

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