The Best Vegan Fashion Brands of 2021 (that are also sustainable) — Sustainably Chic

Not all vegan brands can be considered ‘sustainable’, but these on this list sure can. Not only are all of these vegan brands completely cruelty-free, but they are eco-friendly and ethical, too. The fabrics they use do not contain virgin plastics like many vegan brands, and you can even find amazing textiles made from fruits and plants like apples and cacti. It’s truly incredibly how many vegan fabrics there are that don’t have to be full of low-quality new plastics. I hope you enjoy this list, and I can’t wait to add more throughout the year.

p.s. this list is mostly made up of brands who create shoes, handbags & accessories, since you mostly find animal-related materials in those products. the majority of the clothing showcased on my website would be considered ‘vegan’ since they use fabrics like organic cotton, tencel, linen, and so on. if you are vegan, make sure the content in the clothing does not contain any wool or silk, which are the top 2 animal-derived fabrics. you can find a ton of amazing sustainable brands with vegan fashion in this post here 🙂

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