Virtual Barcamp on Reducing Inequalities and Inclusive COVID-19 Recovery by SDSN & GIZ

Kick-off event asked participants to
collaboratively develop innovative solutions for achieving SDG 10 and
implementing the Agenda 2030 principle to Leave No One Behind.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shockingly revealed
existing inequalities, as well as social, economic and racial injustice, and is
expected to further intensify them in the long term. For the first time in 20
years, global extreme poverty is expected to rise as the disruptions of the
COVID-19 pandemic hit countries worldwide. Thus, the pandemic presents a severe
danger for the achievement of the Agenda 2030 during the Decade of Action. Against
this backdrop, SDSN in collaboration with the GIZ support project
organized a virtual Barcamp from 25 to 27 May 2021 in which SDSN network managers
and members collaboratively developed scalable solutions for reducing
inequalities and an inclusive COVID-19 recovery. During the two-day event, around
20 participants from over 10 different countries were able to attend joint
sessions and group meetings adjusted to their time zones.

The virtual Barcamp started with a panel
discussion between Moizza Binat Sarwar from the Overseas Development Institute
and Jessica Espey from the University of Bristol and former Director of SDSN TReNDS,
who provided insights on the importance of an inclusive COVID-19 recovery.
Afterwards, the innovative format offered an open space for exchange between
the participants on their individual ideas whilst receiving feedback from civil
society and academic experts backing the event (so called ‘Leave No One Behind’
Guides). Through the Barcamp format, the project owners were able to discuss
their ideas in a collaborative manner before receiving feedback and ideas for
improvements from other participants. Additionally, the Barcamp format
encouraged the participants to create synergies between their projects and form
networks. In the end, the three-day event concluded with nine scalable
initiatives that will be presented to a professional jury for further selection
until October 2021.

The virtual Barcamp represents the kick-off
event to a nine-month long Initiatives Lab process in which the most promising
solutions will receive funding and support for implementation. Until March
2022, around one to two scalable solutions will be implemented through the
respective project owners in collaboration with GIZ and SDSN partners.

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