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Ethical clothing, shoes & accessories at a great price? Yes, it exists! I’ve compiled a list of sustainable brands I’ve come to love over the years that I find have very reasonable price points within their collections. & as always, quality and style are not compromised! My advice is to use what you have, but I know it’s nice to add something new to your closet, and these brands are working so hard to make the fashion industry a better, fairer place. Thank you for supporting this sustainable & ethical fashion movement!

what is ethical fashion?

This term is typically in reference to the way workers are treated. Does the brand pay the manufacturer fairly? Is the farmer growing the cotton treated fairly, as well? Depending on your values, there will be different things you look for when shopping ethically. For example, if you are vegan, you would make sure the product did not contain any animal products.

what is sustainable fashion?

I always find sustainable fashion to be the main focus and holds all the other buzz terms under their umbrella. Typically, for a garment to be considered ‘sustainable,’ it should be eco-friendly, ethically made, lasting, and accessible. We could make a long list of what a sustainable garment should be, but these are the key characteristics I look for when deciding on my purchase. There is a simple checklist to find at the end of this post here, and in this post, you can learn much more about sustainable fashion and how you can participate in the movement.

why is sustainable fashion so much more expensive than conventional / fast fashion?

Because people are finally being treated their worth and paid a fair wage! Fashion, in general, isn’t cheap, but we’ve been conditioned to believe it can be. Creating clothing takes many, many hours, especially when using eco-friendly fabrics. Fast fashion is how we are continuously supporting poverty all over the world, and the entire concept is unsustainable and damaging our planet. Read more about its effect on the environment here.

how to obtain an even better deal

I’ve made this list up of brands carrying most of their pieces under $150, but make sure to sign up for newsletters so you can receive information on sales to get an even better deal if these price points are still out of your budget. We’ve added a couple of coupon codes with brands unique to Sustainably Chic you can use on your entire purchase. As always, the most sustainable option is already in your closet so never get rid of things just because they aren’t from a sustainable brand. Also, purchasing second-hand clothing will be one of your best deals out there!

& now for our top picks for affordable sustainable and ethical Clothing Fashion Brands:


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