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If you’ve been reading this blog for a while now, you know how much I love a versatile product, especially when it comes to accessories. So I’m very excited to share this new sustainable watch brand with you and discuss all the great things they have to offer. 

A Little History of Sustainable Watch Brand 2°EAST

Like many eco-friendly brands, it started with a simple question: “Is it possible to produce a quality, everyday watch that doesn’t cost the earth?”. After several years of searching for the best materials and ethical production, Sally & Ron finally released their collection of watches they also refer to as #watchesforkindness. 

How Were They Able to Create a Sustainable Brand that Was Also Considered Affordable within the Watch Industry? 

Not only are these watches consciously made with the planet in mind, but they thought about our wallets and budgets too. I’ve added in a great little graph on how they price compared to traditional watch retailers who mark their products 5x-10x the cost. 2°EAST can do this because they own their assembly factory and sell directly to you to cut out the middleman. They also don’t own any brick-and-mortar shops. You know how important sustainability and accessibility are to me on Sustainably Chic. When brands can do everything in-house and sell directly to consumers, it makes sustainable fashion so much more accessible to the masses. 

Are These Watches Ethically Made? 

If you haven’t read what makes a product ‘sustainable,’ I suggest you go over this post. Ethics plays a significant role in the sustainability of a product, and transparency is a big thing I look for when partnering with a new brand. I love the fact 2°EAST is so open about its manufacturing and where everything comes from. You can tell Sally is so passionate about sustainability and creating a genuine product in this post here. She even discusses her issue with certifications within the supply chain, with which I very much agree. Once they have financial stability, they will begin the application process for B Corp Certification. But as a quick, short answer, while no brand is ever perfect, I definitely would say these watches are ethically made, and you can feel good about purchasing them. 

Since they are ethically made, are they also made with eco-friendly materials? 

Another big part of sustainability is the environment and the materials that make the product. 2°EAST has a page dedicated to their materials and everything that goes into the watch. For example, their zero waste ion plating is 10x thicker than standard plating. It is made with conflict-free rose gold that ‘is applied using a zero-waste dry plating process that eliminates air emissions, wastewater and hazardous wastes associated with traditional plating techniques’. This is the first time I have read this while working with a watch brand, and I love it! The easily interchangeable straps are also made from veggie-tanned leather and 100% post-consumer recycled PET (RePET). Even their packaging is 100% recycled and recyclable kraft paper and board with eco-friendly ink on all printing. Plus, they have made sure to minimize the size of the boxes and the ink to reduce their packaging footprint. 

What About the Third Part of Sustainability, Society? 

We covered manufacturing, the materials, but what about the last part of sustainability – society? This is when you can really tell if a brand is truly genuine and trying to be as sustainable as possible. Brands that fully embrace the concept of sustainable fashion will give back to communities that aren’t directly associated with the production of their goods. For 2°EAST, their focus is on planting trees (30 for each watch or strap sold, to be exact) through their partner Trees for the Future. This non-profit aims to end hunger, poverty, and deforestation by training farmers to regenerate their land. Their Forest Garden Approach is a 4-year training program where farmers plant thousands of trees to nurture the ground and grow many fruits and vegetables. It’s a circular concept in which the farmer’s income is increased, people are fed, and the environment is supported. 

Now, The Watch & Straps I have added into my Sustainable Wardrobe

I had fun making a little reel of this watch with 5 different straps. The straps are very easy to switch out, and I think the quality of this watch & its straps is wonderful. I really am excited about this brand and seeing these watches on more wrists! 


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